About Universal EV Chargers

Universal EV Chargers is a division of Universal Green Group, an established green energy provider since 2009. Our mission is to help electrify North America by leading the way toward a critically needed EV charging infrastructure to support the massive growth of EVs in the United States.

It is estimated that 50% of all passenger vehicles will be electric by 2030. Our goal is to develop a charging infrastructure to support this burgeoning electric vehicle economy.

With a revolutionary design and the most up to date engineering, our EV chargers are the perfect solution for developing this infrastructure.

We have a variety of EV charging stations which are compatible with all electric vehicles and can be utilized in commercial as well as residential locations.

Charging the Future

Let’s face it: Guests are demanding on-site EV chargers (electric vehicle chargers). You might get away without them for a little while longer, but this amenity is already a make-or-break decision point when EV drivers map road trips, and the need is only going to grow.

"Universal EV Chargers installed two EV chargers on my hotel property. The installation process was EASY, SEAMLESS, and FAST. Within three months of installation, we realized that we made the right choice. The EV Chargers on premises brought additional bookings. This is a great opportunity for RECURRING REVENUE."

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Unique Advantages

Universal EV Chargers offers flexible financing/revenue share options, including an option for a complete turnkey solution to make entry into the EV charging business as simple as possible. The turnkey solution includes EV 2 chargers that are owned and operated by Universal EV Chargers.

Our EV 2 chargers have faster charging speeds than many others on the market (11Kw vs. 7 Kw). Click here (link to appropriate page) to learn about the different types of chargers.

Once permits are pulled from the jurisdiction where your station will be located, Universal EV Chargers can install chargers faster and less expensively than the competition, generally within 4 – 6 hours.

Importantly, we offer end-to-end 24/7 charger support, since out-of-service chargers will detract considerably from customer satisfaction and cancel out all your good intentions.

Customers We Service


Attract highly valued customers to your hotel by offering EV charging as a top-of-the-line amenity. Allow your guests to enjoy a seamless charging experience. Increase digital visibility in online reservations by becoming an EV-friendly hotel.

Gas Stations

Increase your average customer shopping time while the electric vehicle is charging. As per recent studies, EV drivers spend 60% more time in-store than a traditional driver. This gives your business an opportunity to increase revenue.


Have the convenience of charging at home with access to energy monitoring. Our charger-as-a-service (CaaS) solution is the optimal way to charge your vehicle without worrying about cost and maintenance.

Multi-Unit Dwelling

An increasing challenge property owner’s face today is lack of amenities to support EV drivers. Provide convenient access to EV charging and increase revenue with high value tenants.

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