Join the EV Revolution: Host Universal EV Chargers

Partner with Universal EV Chargers to attract eco-conscious visitors and boost your property’s value.
Together, let’s drive the future of clean energy.

Join the America’s Growing EV Charging Network

As electric vehicles (EVs) become more popular, the demand for convenient and reliable charging stations is growing rapidly. By partnering with Universal EV Chargers, you can become a key player in this expanding market, attract new customers, and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

Who Can Become a Host?

We partner with a variety of businesses, including:
Auto Dealerships
Offer your customers a full range of services, from purchasing to charging their new electric vehicles.
Parking Operators
Provide added value to your parking facilities, making them more attractive to EV drivers.
Draw EV owners to your stores and shopping centers, encouraging them to shop while they charge
Commercial Real Estate
Enhance the appeal of your properties by offering convenient EV charging options for tenants and visitors.
Give your guests the convenience of charging their vehicles while they stay, dine, or attend events.

    Let's Talk EV Charging

    Why Partner with Us?

    Attract More Customers

    Hosting an EV charging station can draw EV owners to your location, increasing foot traffic and potential business.

    Increase Revenue

    Benefit from additional revenue streams as customers spend more time at your site while their vehicles charge.

    Enhance Your Brand

    Showcase your commitment to green initiatives and sustainability, enhancing your brand's image and appeal.

    Stay Ahead of the Curve

    With the rise of electric vehicles, staying ahead of the competition by offering charging solutions will position your business as an industry leader.

    Why Universal EV Chargers?

    Our Universal EV Fast Charging Network is a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art charging solution designed to meet the growing demand for fast and convenient electric vehicle charging. With our network, EV owners can charge their vehicles quickly and efficiently, enabling seamless journeys and reducing range anxiety.


    Business Models

    Universal EV provides businesses with flexible solutions for premium, reliable, and easy-to-use charging stations. Explore special rates on these business models:

    Host Owned

    For those who want to own and operate their EV charging stations.

    Universal EV Owned

    We handle installation, equipment, operations, and administration while sharing the revenue with the host.

    Hybrid Owned

    The host is responsible for the infrastructure of the site. Universal EV covers the cost of equipment, operations, and administration while sharing the revenue with the host.

    Multi-Family Business Plan

    We’re happy to guide your facility through building your multi-family business plan for an EV charging station. We offer multiple ownership/revenue share options, so you can choose the best model for your business. Your plan also includes the opportunity for grants (which can lessen the cost of the chargers/installation for your facility). 


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