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On-site EV Charging Stations – How the Hospitality Industry Benefits

Driven by environmental concerns, fossil fuel costs, brand consciousness and rental company fleet changes that allow drivers to test drive electric vehicles (EVs) and government mandates, millions of consumers plan to purchase EVs or electric vehicle hybrids by 2030. CNBC reported,” While estimates varied widely from more than 20% to about 90%, executives expect 52% of new vehicle sales to be all-electric by 2030.” Additionally, in August last year, the White House released President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal. The President set an ambitious goal for half of all new vehicles sold by 2030 to be powered by electricity, fuel cell or a hybrid.

Following suit, several car brands have announced their plans to phase out gas and diesel engines and become exclusively electric. · CNBC reported that General Motors will be all-electric by 2035 · UK automaker Jaguar will go all-electric by 2025 · German-based Audi will focus solely on full-electric drivetrains by the end of 2026 · Volvo to be fully electric by 2030

Rental car giants also want in on the sustainability bandwagon. Already, Enterprise Holdings, which owns Enterprise, National and Alamo, the Hertz Group, which owns Hertz, Thrifty and Dollar and Avis-Budget Group, which owns Avis and Budget, all have an electric-vehicle infrastructure with plans to grow.

The list of automakers going all-electric goes on and on. Suffice it to say; electric vehicles are taking over. If you question this, click here to view evadoption’s EV models currently available in the U.S.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are Needed NOW

As the EV adoption rate increases, there is an immediate opportunity for EV charging stations, especially within the US hospitality industry. Electric vehicle charging stations are becoming a more critical amenity for hotel guests. CleanTechnica states, “EV charging stations at hotels are another amenity like pools or fitness centers. Sooner or later, customers will expect this amenity to be at every hotel once EV adoption rates begin to grow exponentially. For the time being, it is a healthy perk that can set any hotel apart from the competition down the street.”

Additional Benefits of EV Charging Stations Nationwide

As the electric vehicle market continues its steady growth, hotel businesses are exploring how they can capitalize on this new opportunity. Hotels that provide EV chargers for electric cars are likely to see an increase in revenue and an enhanced consumer experience for EV driving guests.

The future of travel is green, and your customers recognize when brands put their money behind sustainability. Consumers increasingly decide to do business with brands with sustainable practices. Those that offer EV charging stations will bolster their sustainability profile now and in the future as the EV marketplace expands. According to The Global Sustainability Study 2021, sustainability is an important purchase criterion for 62% of travel and tourism consumers worldwide. We believe that sustainability will continue as a value driver.

EV Charging Considerations Hotel Owners and Operators Must Address Before Investing in Infrastructure

  1. The electric vehicle charging market is relatively new and therefore requires some research before a hospitality business can evaluate the decision to install chargers on its premises. When considering an EV charging station manufacturer, hospitality business owners should select one that provides complimentary consulting to help customers evaluate the opportunity, determine the best location for the EV charger, layout and design that will be most convenient for guests and model the revenue/cost equation.

  2. Hotel owners and investors must decide if they want their EV charging stations to be vehicle brand-specific or universal. Universal Green Group believes that the maximum ROI is achieved with brand agnostic chargers.

  3. Guest satisfaction will depend on EV charging stations that work when needed. It is advised that hotel owners and investors seek a partner that provides 24/7/365 support to ensure maximum uptime.


Our goal at Universal Green Group is to launch in 2,500 locations across the state of Texas by 2022. This milestone will make Universal Green Group the largest EV charging network in Texas. In addition, we expect to expand our footprint across the United States and beyond. Interested in learning how your hotel location can benefit from universal EV charging stations? We would welcome the opportunity to tell you more. Contact us today for a free EV charging station consultation at

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