Multi Family

Universal EV charging provides property owners an innovative way to attract and maintain residents while creating a sustainably conscious community.

Multi Family

Why EV Charging for Multi-Family Units?

Investing in an EV charging station for your residence is a great way to draw in ecological residents looking to charge their cars while in their residences. Having EV chargers at your Multi-family property shows that your residence is forward-thinking and environmentally conscious. This gains the attention of new residents looking for communities with shared values.

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Universal EV Chargers


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Universal EV Chargers


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Universal EV Chargers


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Why Universal EV Chargers

Easy-to-Understand Process

We pride ourselves on making the EV charger installation process easy. We’ll walk you through the hardware, installation, software, and expert service needed to complete the installation.  In addition, we offer maintenance services that assist you if any issues with their charging station should arise. 

A Variety of Products

We have a variety of EV charging stations that are compatible with all-electric vehicles and can be utilized in multi-family locations. Creating a design and construction plan unique to your property ensures Universal is meeting your business objectives and needs.

Flexible Financing

We offer flexible financing/revenue share options, including an opportunity for a complete turnkey solution to make entry into the EV charging business as simple as possible.

Multi-Family Business Plan

We’re happy to guide your facility through building your multi-family business plan for an EV charging station. We offer multiple ownership/revenue share options, so you can choose the best model for your business. Your plan also includes the opportunity for grants (which can lessen the cost of the chargers/installation for your facility). 


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