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Universal EV Chargers Earns Industry Leading Product Certification for New EV Chargers

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Universal Green Group gains product certifications from Intertek and Underwriter Laboratories

Dallas (June 21, 2022) –Today, Dallas-based Universal EV Chargers, a division of Universal Green Group, announced that its electric vehicle (EV) charging stations have been certified by Intertek and Underwriter Laboratories to meet the highest standards for EV chargers. Universal EV Chargers is the first provider of EV chargers to be awarded these Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory certifications in North America.

Universal Green Group set out to be a major contributor to the green energy sector in 2009. Following the company’s rapid growth in sustainable solar energy products, it leveraged its green expertise to launch Universal EV Chargers division in 2019 to meet the growing EV adoption rate and the national need for a superior EV charging network.

“The certifications from Intertek and Underwriter Laboratories validate our universal electric vehicle charging stations solution,” said Hemal Doshi, founder and CEO of Universal Green Group. “We are eager to bring Universal EV Chargers and our technology to businesses nationwide as part of the United States’ EV infrastructure buildout. Our commercial customers can rely on us to provide reliable and safe EV charging stations nationwide with unprecedented 24/7 customer service support.”

Universal EV Chargers’ certified portfolio includes two types of EV charging equipment:

Universal Charger as a Service (UCaaS)

The Universal Charger as a Service is for residential EV charging needs. The UCaaS charge time is typically four to six hours for a complete charge using a relatively smaller amount of energy than other EV chargers.

Level 2 Dual Port Charger

Universal EV Chargers’ Level 2 Dual Port Charger allows two vehicles to simultaneously charge in about four to five hours. Universal EV Chargers installs its Level 2 Chargers on hotel properties in one day or less.

Universal EV Chargers designs, manufactures and manages its e-mobility products, technology and network, creating the most dependable EV charging solutions available. Universal EV Chargers’ national network of customer service representatives, technicians and electrical contractors provide a turnkey solution for the life of the unit. The company’s most popular option is its all-inclusive offering where Universal EV Chargers maintains and manages the installed devices ensuring maximum up-time and reliability.

Intertek’s stringent certification process ensures that products meet all internal and external standards and proves a product’s credibility to the public. Intertek is responsible for accrediting high-quality technologies with its certification to guarantee reliable products in the consumer market.

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Founded in 2009, Universal Green Group is a national leader in sustainable green services, products, technology and projects. Focused on supplying a better future for generations to come, Universal Green Group continuously strives for the utilization and adoption of green technology while making their products the most reliable and financially viable for their customers. Universal Green Group’s portfolio of brands includes Universal EV ChargersUniversal Solar System and Universal Green Developers. For more information on Universal Green Group, please visit or call (866)350-2738.


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