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Universal EV Chargers, LLC Pioneers Integration of NACS Charging Ports with Universal Network

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Texas Mandates State-funded Charging Stations to Incorporate NACS Ports

Plano, Texas / ACCESSWIRE / June 23, 2023 / In a groundbreaking development for the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry, Universal EV Chargers, LLC proudly announces its successful integration of NACS (North American Charging Standard) charging ports within its extensive charging network. This strategic move comes as leading automobile manufacturers, including Ford, GM, Rivian join Tesla in adopting the NACS charging plug as a standard for their EV models. Universal EV Chargers, under the visionary leadership of CEO Hemal Doshi, anticipated this industry shift as early as 2020, ensuring compatibility with both NACS and existing standards across its network.

As the demand for EVs continues to surge, compatibility and standardization of charging infrastructure have become critical priorities. Universal EV Chargers has demonstrated its commitment to seamless user experiences. Universal EV Chargers has a plan in place for retrofitting Level 3 (L3) chargers with NACS charging cables, while the existing Level 2 (L2) chargers can already support all electric cars including Tesla. This forward-thinking approach positions Universal EV Chargers as a pioneer in enabling effortless and universal access to charging stations, accommodating the needs of EV owners across multiple car brands.

“Universal EV Chargers has always aimed to provide a comprehensive and inclusive charging network for all EV users,” stated Hemal Doshi, CEO of Universal EV Chargers, LLC. “We recognized the growing demand for NACS compatibility within the EV industry and took proactive measures to ensure our charging infrastructure aligns with these evolving standards. Our customers can enjoy the convenience of charging their vehicles, regardless of their car’s manufacturer.”

The integration of NACS charging ports into Universal EV Chargers’ network has gained further significance with the recent announcement by the state of Texas. As reported by Reuters, the Lone Star State has mandated that all state-funded charging stations must incorporate NACS port along with nationally recognized CCS (Combined Charging System) ports, reinforcing the standard’s prominence in the EV charging landscape. Universal EV Chargers’ early preparation and seamless integration of NACS ports across its network position the company as an ideal partner for Texas and other regions that prioritize standardized EV charging infrastructure.

Universal EV Chargers, LLC, founded in 2019, is a leading provider of EV charging solutions. With a focus on offering comprehensive services to clients who require reliable and efficient charging options, Universal EV Chargers specializes in deploying advanced charging technologies and ensuring universal compatibility with various EV models. The company’s mission is to foster the adoption of electric vehicles by providing accessible and future-ready charging infrastructure.

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