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Universal EV Chargers Awarded $1.5 Million in Grants From Ohio

EV Charging Company Wins More State Grants to Help Build America’s EV Charging Infrastructure

Plano, Texas (Dec. 6, 2022) – Universal EV Chargers, a division of Universal Green Group, is an aggressive challenger in the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry. Today, the company announced they were awarded $1.5 million in grants in Ohio, bringing their total grant wins to nearly $12 million. These grants will help businesses in industries such as hospitality and multifamily, among others, provide EV charging to residents, employees and the public.

As part of the Ohio Diesel Mitigation Trust EV DC Fast Charging Program Awards 2022, Universal EV Chargers will help improve access to electric vehicle charging infrastructure for residents and travelers across the state. Each site will install three dual-port DC Fast Chargers with 160 kW power for six parking spaces.

DC Fast Chargers can deliver a full charge to a vehicle in as little as 20 minutes, making them excellent options for public charging stations that serve highway drivers.

“Universal EV Charging attributes this grant win to our unique vision for U.S. EV charging infrastructure and our thoughtfully designed EV chargers,” said Hemal Doshi, CEO of Universal Green Group. “We have also completely re-engineered the design-to-installation process to emphasize quality and implementation speed, which was attractive to the granting authority.”

This grant from Ohio positions Universal EV Chargers well in the EV charging industry. A vital element of the company’s vision is to lead the expansion of the U.S. EV charging infrastructure in locations that provide EV drivers with the amenities they need, from easy-to-use fast chargers to convenient places to wait while their vehicles charge and in all the currently under-served parts of the country.

Electrified transportation is here to stay, and it is Universal EV Chargers’ goal to play a substantial role in developing U.S. EV charging infrastructure. Importantly, Universal EV Chargers focuses its efforts on locations that already serve customers’ needs for support services while their vehicles charge, like hotels and other hospitality settings. An additional focus is multifamily housing developments that are not already supplying charging services for their tenants. According to Multifamily Insiders, eighty percent of EV owners prefer to charge at their home.

In addition, Universal EV Chargers was awarded more substantial grants from North Carolina, from the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, Air Quality Division grant program. This program includes the placement of two Universal Level 2 chargers at five hotel locations, with $25,000 going to Universal EV Chargers. The second grant that Universal EV Chargers received from North Carolina is part of the Level 2 Phase 2 DC Fast Priority Corridors Project. This project is designed to continue expanding the state’s zero emissions vehicle (ZEV) fast-charging infrastructure network along priority designated corridors. Universal EV Chargers was awarded grants for seven locations across the state with $438,875 of the wins going to Universal EV Chargers.

For more information about Universal EV Chargers, please visit or call (866) 350-2738.

About Universal EV Chargers, a Division of Universal Green Group

Founded in 2009, Universal Green Group is a national leader in sustainable green services, products, technology and projects. Focused on supplying a better future for generations to come, Universal Green Group continually strives to utilize and adopt green technology while making their products the most reliable and financially viable for their customers. Universal Green Group’s portfolio of brands includes Universal EV Chargers, Universal Solar System and Universal Real Estate.


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