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Universal EV Chargers Offers No Cost Public EV Charging Stations Through March 31

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Universal EV Chargers Puts Skin in the Game to Help Texas Build Public EV Charging Stations

Plano, Texas (Jan. 17, 2023) –Electric vehicle (EV) charging provider Universal EV Chargers, a division of Universal Green Group, announced that through March 31 they will offer its Level II EV charging equipment, installation, maintenance and associated electricity cost reimbursement at no cost for qualifying Texas businesses to help expand the Texas EV charging infrastructure. To qualify, businesses must own the site.

The typical Level II EV charger requires four to six hours to provide a full charge, but the units are excellent for “topping off” EVs while drivers eat meals at restaurants or hotels, watch a movie or shop.

As one of the largest states in the country, Texas suffers from significant gaps in its existing and projected commercial electric vehicle infrastructure. McKinsey & Company reported that in the next five years, EV sales will double in the U.S. But, according to the U.S. Department of Energy Alternative Fuels Data Center, Texas only has about 2,284 public EV station locations with 5,746 electric vehicle supply equipment ports that serve approximately 150,000 registered EVs in the state. Estimates for EV adoption and EV charger needs are for nearly exponential growth. In fact, the Texas Department of Transportation in its Texas Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Plan assumes one million EVs will be registered in Texas by 2028. 

“Texans are buying EVs, but the rate will be dampened without access to public EV charging,” said Hemal Doshi, CEO of Universal EV Chargers. “Public EV chargers are now essential to the electrification of the state. We recognize that not all businesses can finance their public EV charging stations, which is why we are excited to provide these EV charging stations on suitable business sites throughout Texas to “prime the pump” for public EV charging. I am proud that Universal EV Chargers is doing its part to help provide Texans access to reliable and equitable public EV charging sites to spur electric vehicle adoption and growth.”

Universal EV Chargers’ no-cost EV charging station offer requires that site owners provide public access, overnight guest access in the case of hotel properties or employee access at large office buildings. The EV user will pay for the electricity used like they would at traditional gasoline station pumps and Universal EV Chargers will reimburse site owners monthly for electricity used.

How Commercial site owners can benefit from hosting public EV charging stations

  • EV charging stations generate site traffic
  • EV drivers spend money on more than their vehicle charge
  • Site owners can promote on-site businesses to EV drivers while they charge (e.g., retail promotions, on-site amenities, shopping, etc.)

Prime locations for public EV-charging stations

  • Motels
  • Multifamily developments
  • Shopping centers
  • Restaurants
  • Corporate parks

“Universal EV Chargers is making this generous offer for two reasons. First, we know that achieving optimal electrification in the U.S. will require new infrastructure, and second, we are willing to help businesses make the leap to EV charging faster,” said Hemal Doshi, CEO of Universal EV Charging. “Once enough businesses have gained experience hosting EV charging stations to achieve critical mass, we expect the business community at large to accelerate adoption to the level required to support expected EV ownership growth.”

Universal Green Group, the parent company of Universal EV Chargers, was founded by green energy visionary Hemal Doshi in 2009 to contribute meaningfully to the United States’ sustainable energy transition. Universal Solar System, the company’s first business, has installed hundreds of solar energy systems for businesses and homeowners and built a solar farm in West Texas, which helps to fuel the Texas electricity grid. Universal EV Chargers is an EV charging solutions provider established to help fulfill Doshi’s vision to electrify the auto industry by reimagining the electric vehicle (EV) charging station model in the U.S.

Doshi hopes this offer will allow Texas businesses to experience the benefits of hosting an EV charging station and boost additional public charging services for Texas EV drivers quickly.

Interested businesses can learn more about this offer and whether they qualify for the opportunity by calling (366) 350-2738 or visiting

About Universal EV Chargers, a Division of Universal Green Group

Founded in 2009, Universal Green Group is a national leader in sustainable green services, products, technology and projects. Focused on supplying a better future for generations to come, Universal Green Group continually strives to utilize and adopt green technology while making its products the most reliable and financially viable for its customers. Universal Green Group’s portfolio of brands includes Universal EV Chargers, Universal Solar System and Universal Real Estate.


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