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Universal EV Chargers Wins More Than 6% Of State Grant Funds for EV Chargers in North Carolina

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EV Charger Provider Has Now Earned More Than $13 Million in Grants From Various States

Plano, Texas (Nov. 13, 2022) – Universal EV Chargers, a division of Universal Green Group announced today they have won grants in North Carolina for both Level II and Direct Current Fast Chargers (DCFC), adding to their extensive and growing list of grant wins across several states. These grants are part of a larger effort by the federal government and the states to drive the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure expansion and lead EV adoption.

Universal EV Chargers was awarded a substantial grant from the North Carolina Level 2 Phase 2 DC Fast Priority Corridors Project. This project is designed to continue expanding the state’s zero emissions vehicle (ZEV) fast-charging infrastructure network along priority designated corridors. Universal EV Chargers was awarded grants for seven locations across the state totaling 18% of the charging stations granted.

Universal EV Chargers received 7% ($438,875) of the DC Fast Priority Corridors Projects’ total funding.

The second tranche of grants came from the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, Air Quality Division. The state’s Level 2 Public Access Program objective is to install publicly accessible Level 2 electric vehicle charging infrastructure across the state as soon as possible. This program includes the placement of two Universal Level 2 chargers at five hotel locations, totaling 5% of the charging ports granted. Universal also received 3% of the total Level 2 grant funds ($25,000) as a part of the Public Access Program.

“Universal EV Chargers continues to secure grant awards in state after state as a result of our product and service quality and our comprehensive vision,” said Hemal Doshi, CEO of Universal Green Group. “It is our intent to contribute to the U.S. EV charging infrastructure in a meaningful way over the next few years and these grants will help.”

These grant wins vigorously position Universal EV Chargers in the EV charging industry. A vital element of the company’s vision is to lead the expansion of the U.S. EV charging infrastructure in locations that provide EV drivers with the amenities they need, from easy-to-use fast chargers to convenient places to wait while their vehicles charge and in all the currently under-served parts of the country.

Importantly, Universal EV Chargers focuses its efforts on locations that already serve customers’ needs, such as hotels and multifamily housing developments.

For more information about Universal EV Chargers EV Chargers, please visit or call (866) 350-2738.

About Universal EV Chargers, a Division of Universal Green Group

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