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Universal EV Chargers’ Advanced Level Two EV Chargers Now Available on Amazon

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In Bold Move, Green Energy Provider Will Offer Commercial Electric Vehicle Level Two Chargers Ready for Installation and Suitable for Public Charging Stations

Plano, Texas (Nov. 3, 2022) – Texas-based Universal EV Chargers, a division of Universal Green Group, today announced that it has begun selling two commercial electric vehicle (EV) chargers suitable for public charging stations on the massive Amazon e-commerce website in the United States. Universal EV Chargers Level Two EV charging stations listed on Amazon can be drop shipped to any location in the United States.

Universal EV Chargers are the fastest and most straightforward to install in the market. Unlike other commercial EV charging stations, Universal EV Chargers designed the units from the ground up, focusing on simplifying the setup and installation process. Many early EV chargers often had to be configured on site; the software was less robust and sometimes unstable, the units did not always connect with mapping apps to help drivers find them, and maintenance was spotty.

“We designed our Level Two EV chargers to minimize setup and testing in the field by handling as many of these activities as possible in our warehouse before shipping,” said Hemal Doshi, CEO of Universal Green Group. “This makes them ideal candidates for Amazon’s platform, which can cater to customers with a wide range of needs but who value the convenience and ease of ordering from Amazon.”

Universal EV Chargers solves many of the pain points of early commercial EV charging stations. Consequently, Universal EV chargers became ideal for sale through many channels, including Amazon. The units offered for sale on Amazon are single and dual-port Level Two EV chargers.

Universal EV Chargers’ Stations Offer Numerous Key Benefits:

  • Connect easily with mapping apps
  • Come equipped with software that supports payments, maintenance and coupons/incentives 
  • Are configured and tested before delivery on the customer’s site, so installation is typically fast and straightforward
  • Are Intertek and Underwriter Laboratory certified to meet the highest standards for EV chargers
  • Operate at up to 11 kW vs. the average 7 kW of other Level Two chargers

Notably, the EV chargers are also Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) certified, which helps to future-proof the chargers as the industry expands and changes over time.

Universal EV Chargers’ single and dual port Level Two charging stations provide site owners like hotel operators, office building owners, multifamily development owners, shopping malls and similar businesses the ability to offer convenient and cost-effective EV charging in about 4 – 5 hours.

For more information about Universal EV Chargers and their green energy grant program, please visit or call (866) 350-2738.

About Universal EV Chargers, a Division of Universal Green Group

Founded in 2009, Universal Green Group is a national leader in sustainable green services, products, technology and projects. Focused on supplying a better future for generations to come, Universal Green Group continually strives for the utilization and adoption of green technology while making their products the most reliable and financially viable for their customers. Universal Green Group’s portfolio of brands includes Universal EV Chargers, Universal Solar System and Universal Real Estate.

Universal EV Chargers, a division of Universal Green Group, entered the commercial EV charging industry to support the needs of EV drivers: finding places to charge within range, a proprietary charger that is compatible with the EV vehicle, convenient places to wait while charging and addressing persistent issues with reliability and maintenance experience with commercially available chargers. Universal Green Group’s extensive research and development resulted in the most sophisticated and reliable universal EV charger on the market. As a result, Universal EV Chargers are certified for the American market by Intertek and Underwriter Laboratories, which signals a superior level of confidence in its chargers. Universal EV Chargers’ vision is a coast-to-coast network of reliable EV chargers, convenient EV charger stations located adjacent to facilities offering pleasant and helpful amenities and simple ways for consumers to pay for their charges.


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